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Paul Haywood regularly collaborates with artists and professionals. He has a number of prevailing interests that are long-term commitments.




Landscape Colour Studies; with Maxine Kennedy


One of his core interests is to question the logic and rationale of urban redevelopment. He shares an interest in hidden histories, social memories and 'derelict' landscapes that have resulted in a range of entirely 'process' led investigations of site or place. Paul Haywood's collaborations with Maxine Kennedy largely focus on outcomes that are funded as public art. They utilise creative survey and observational strategies to accrue knowledge and information from specific sites. The normal process is to build a portfolio of evidence; visuals, sound, stories, from a site in question. The aim is to generate one or a series of design briefs for products that will add to the identity of a site or specify a particular history. They have further collaborated with architects, manufacturers and engineering companies to evolve products that are very precisely located to the communities of physical spaces. Together, they have created a portfolio of projects with the general eading; COLOURGROUND. &




Gun metal recycling campaign; with Sam Ingleson and CARISMA


Paul Haywood continues to collaborate with Sam Ingleson on a long-term partnership with the charity CARISMA. Their project, ‘Guns to Goods’ was established with the specific intention of managing the safe recycling of metals from long-barrel firearms sourced from police custody. Te goal is to develop public sculpture, community expression and new design (fashion, jewellery, image styling, graphics) as a means of celebrating a community response to violent crime and advocating on behalf of active communities building social cohesion. The focus of the initiative is to create a lasting legacy of high quality artworks. The shared purpose is to build awareness of those charities affecting long-term change so that increasing numbers of people can contribute to the reduction and eventual eradication of armed violence in our streets.The initiative has developed as a result of collaboration between CARISMA (Community Alliance for Renewal, Inner South Manchester Area), the University of Salford, the Greater Manchester Police, MAV (Mothers Against Violence), MAG (Mines Advisory Group International), Middlesex University and the project’s lead artists, Karen Lyons and Sam Ingleson. &

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